September 16, 2018


How To Create A Practical Kitchen- That Looks Great

Are you unhappy with your kitchen layout? Finding a design that works for you in practice - and looks great - can seem daunting. But with these few simple tips, you’ll create a kitchen that combines style and function for the best of both worlds.
Ditch the triangle
Kitchen layouts have traditionally been based around the working triangle of sink, stove and fridge. But modern designers are increasingly working in zones and using a dynamic concept of space to manage workflow.
Think about the tasks you do most often and zone them - that means keeping cleaning products under the sink or pots and pans in a drawer under the hob.
Choose your layout
The shape of your space, your family’s needs and non-standard features such as curved walls or pillars will all shape your layout. The galley or parallel layout is often used for narrow kitchens but is also popular in an open plan space where a wall of units is offset by a kitchen island.
If you prefer to work around the triangle, then a U-shaped layout is extremely practical. Choose an L-shape for a truly versatile layout that makes the most of every inch of space while creating an open plan feel. Paired with an island unit, this is a really on-trend layout.
Match your cabinets
If you’re using a galley or L shaped layout then you may want to consider using wall to floor cabinets to maximise storage space and give a seamless and bespoke look. Stick to base units and open shelving in a smaller space to create a feeling of openness. Add wall units if you need to keep things out of children’s reach.
Get the layout right and the aesthetics will follow. Style and colour will help to give your kitchen the wow factor but a great layout will make it the functional heart of the home.

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