February 18, 2018


How to: Create a spacious den for the kids to enjoy!

How to: Create a spacious den for the kids to enjoy! 

The loft space is a great area of the home to expand into when looking to add more space to accommodate your growing family. In this blog, we look into some of the best ways that you can use your loft conversion as space for the kids to unwind in. 


Remember that the room will need some play-space 

Loft conversions, when designed well, are great ways of increasing your living space. When it comes to using it as a den for the kids, space is key so it’s important not to overfill the room with furniture. Use well places trunks and baskets to house their toys so that there is enough floor space for running around and playing. 


Bunk Beds; the ultimate space saver 

If your loft conversion is currently being used as a bedroom for your little ones, then bunk beds are a fun way of saving floor-space. 


Brighten up the room with dormer windows 

Still designing your loft conversion? If so, then we recommend letting in some additional light with dormer windows. If you want the room to really glow, then why not add some supersized skylights? These can also double up as stargazing windows on beautiful those clear nights, perfect for those budding astronomers. 


Accommodate to everyone 

Although the little ones can be the noisiest, it’s important to remember that the play area can also be used as a chill-out zone by the elder siblings in the evenings. The addition of a desk; perhaps in the dormer window area, can create the perfect revision space for teens. 


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