November 18, 2018


How To Make The Most of Your Bathroom Space (No Matter How Small)

A limited bathroom footprint doesn’t have to limit your comfort or creativity. Bear in mind that the space you have and the space your eye perceives are not necessarily the same thing, meaning you can play some clever optical tricks to make the most of your space. Add a large mirror and your tiny bathroom instantly doubles in size.
Tricks with tiles
There are several ways you can use tiles to make space feel visually larger. Marble is particularly effective at blurring the boundaries and looks stunning when used to tile the side of the bath and the wall. You could also try using the same tiles on both the walls and the floor, giving a seamless and spacious feel. If your ceiling slopes then only tile to the halfway point in a dark neutral tile, then paint the wall white to emphasise the brightness.
Stay in proportion
Keep your furniture and fittings in proportion to avoid swamping the space. Floating vanity units and trough sinks are both smart choices, tricking the eye by exposing more floor space while being extremely space efficient. Add wall mounted taps to maximise the space still further. If you love the idea of a freestanding bath, then try a space-efficient slipper bath.
Find a focal point
You can fit your bathroom essentials into just 2 square metres if you concentrate on making your bath or walk-in shower the focal point in the room. Use a clear shower screen to optimise light and space. You might even consider creating a wet room which can not only look stunning but will add value to your property.
Keep it simple
White and neutral schemes are the best way to open up space but don’t rule out adding a pop of colour. Paint a feature wall or add a bold and beautiful wallpaper to bring vibrancy and character.