April 14, 2019


Improve don’t move

A growing family can place heavy demands on the space available in your home. But if jobs and schools tie you to a certain area, or you simply love the home you’re in, you may not want to sell up and move on. Once you start to factor in the hidden costs of moving, you may discover that you’re better off investing in improving your home.
The hidden costs of moving house
Conveyancing fees, estate agents fees, stamp duty, removal - the costs of moving are escalating year on year. Moving the contents of your home to a new property accounts for 15% of moving costs alone, while stamp duty can add thousands to the cost of a new property.
With borrowing rates at historic lows, upgrading your home rather than trading it in represents a very sound investment.
More rooms or more room?
If you feel cramped in your existing property, take a look at the layout. You may be able to create more usable space by talking to an architect and reconfiguring the space you already have. In fact, improving your home can be an excellent investment, creating more capital in your property for the day you may eventually want to move up or downsize.
Converting your loft or repurposing a garage can add over 10% to the resale value of your property. Add a full-scale extension with versatile living space and you can double that. By extending, you could be creating a valuable nest egg or simply making that dream house or a holiday home more attainable.
At South East Builders we offer a comprehensive service that includes planning, architectural and structural services. With many home improvements falling under the permitted development rules, it’s never been so easy to improve your home and create the space your growing family needs. If you’re facing the move or improve dilemma, why not call us today to arrange your free consultation.
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