August 19, 2018


Keeping Your Loft Conversion Warm This Winter

A loft conversion is a brilliant way to add extra living space and value to your home. But how do you keep it warm in winter? If you work closely with your builders then there are several cost-effective ways in which you can build warmth right into your loft conversion.

Focus on insulation

Your loft conversion requires ‘warm’ insulation both in the walls and over or under the rafters so the entire envelope of the space is insulated. Bear in mind that your loft conversion must have 2 metres of headspace once insulation is installed. Make sure that your loft insulation meets or exceeds building regulations for a cosy winter.

Capture natural heat

Installing double or triple glazing will help to prevent up to 70% of heat loss through any rooflights or windows. Double glazing can capture the heat of the sun, reduce condensation and help to drive down your energy bills, making it a win-win for your loft conversion.

Energy efficient heating

Electric radiators might just be the smart, energy efficient and hassle-free choice for your loft conversion. They can be installed quickly and easily with smart thermostats to allow you to operate your radiators via an app. Install solar panels during the loft conversion to make them even more cost effective. Underfloor heating is another intelligent solution for a single room, and heating mats are a quick and effective installation option.

Furnish for warmth

Carpeting your loft conversion not only helps to give it a warm and cosy feel but it adds effortless luxury to your new bedroom or office. Carpet also serves to insulate a room by trapping warm air in its fibres. Choose a rich, warm-toned colour to add instant warmth.
Add thermal lined curtains and not only will you block out the light for a better night’s sleep, but you’ll retain the warm air in the room for longer, keeping you extra cosy all through the winter.
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