June 17, 2018


Our top tips to take into consideration when planning your bathroom renovation

Our top tips to take into consideration when planning your bathroom renovation

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting process, you can really let the creative juices flow and create your perfect relaxation station.

There are, however, some common blunders that we come across when looking at customers design ideas that are worth avoiding.


Read on to find out our top 5 things to consider when planning out your new bathroom.


Have a shower area

Not only can having a built-in shower area add to the actual value of your property, but it also gives a liberating shower experience as opposed to glass shower enclosures.


Try before you buy

‘Try before you buy’ might sound a little obvious, but it is often easy to get carried away and forget to do so when searching for your perfect bath.

Get in the bath make sure that its accommodates for your leg span. It might look a little odd in the moment, but it will be beneficial in the long run.


Ensure that the flooring is waterproof and highly durable

As you might expect, the flooring in your bathroom is going to be getting wet so it’s important to ensure that the flooring is waterproof and properly sealed. There is also a lot of time spent in the bathroom throughout the day by the entire family, so it will need to be durable to withstand being walked on so frequently.


Think long and hard about the lighting

The lighting can completely alter the look and feel of the room so it’s important to take your time and really consider the type of lighting that you are going to use.

It’s also worth factoring in the height of the ceiling as to the brightness of the lighting as this can have an impact on how bright the light will seem.


A little indulgence now can pay off in the long run

If you have space, make the most of it! Adding an extension to your home is a long-term investment into the property and doesn’t happen every day so it’s worth indulging a little here and there.

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