April 22, 2018


Side-return extensions: what to consider

Side-return extensions: what to consider 


What is a side-return extension? 

A side-return extension is generally carried out on kitchens and break through into the side return passage along the side of the property. These wonderful extensions are a great way of utilising redundant space that allows more light into the home and can even add to the overall value of your home.  

Let in the light this Summer! 

We often find that, particularly in Victorian terraced properties, the kitchen area the darker area of the home. This is due to a lack of windows or smaller windows which means less natural light is being let in.   

Side-return extensions are a great way of addressing this. Through the use of smart window placement, larger windows, and even bi-folding doors, side-return kitchen extensions can turn a dark and dingy kitchen space into a light and airy chill-out zone.    

Create a light and airy kitchen space 

There are plenty of ways that side-return extensions can add space to your home. Be smart with your design. Adding a sloped section to a flat roof, for example, can bring in more height to the extension, making it feel larger.  

Know your glass 

If you are looking to add more natural light to the living space, then be sure that you know the glass you are using in the windows. Solar filters can drastically reduce the heat allowed in during the warmer summer months and self- cleaning glass makes life a whole lot easier.  

Interested in getting a side-return extension on your property? 

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