December 16, 2018


Transform your home in 2019 with a loft conversion

Transform your home in 2019 with a loft conversion

Whether you’re stuck in the property gridlock or you simply need more space for a growing family, a loft conversion will transform your home. If your loft has a head height of 2.3m or more then it’s suitable for conversion. Don’t despair if head height is limited as there are solutions to that problem too!

Whatever style of loft conversion you choose, it’s a great way to balance out the living space in your home. Adding a desirable master bedroom with en-suite could mean the rest of the family get a bedroom to themselves. Or you might choose to revolutionise the way you work with a bespoke home office. Get the design right and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a loft conversion with a fraction of the hassle involved in a traditional or basement conversion.


Before you start

Transforming your home with a successful loft conversion is all about the planning. The good news is that, unless you plan to raise the roof height, you probably won’t need planning permission and can do your loft conversion under permitted development although building regulations will apply. 

Do a thorough assessment of the space. Pay attention to where the stairs will go (remembering that there are rules about 2m head height.) Check that your plumbing and heating systems can cope with the additional demands of an en-suite and be prepared to upgrade your insulation.


Get creative

A loft conversion really can transform your home if you use your imagination. While creating extra bedrooms is the most obvious use for your newly created space, you might undertake a loft conversion to create a hobby room, a space to house a model railway layout or a home cinema. 

If your loft is spacious enough, you could create a self-contained studio flat for a teenager or au pair or a fabulous playroom for the kids. And you don’t even have to sacrifice storage if you think creatively about the way you plan and use the space, In fact, the only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination.


Add space, light and value

There are so many benefits to adding a loft conversion, not least that you can add as much as 125% of its value to your property - that’s how sought after a loft conversion can be. Home buyers know that the average loft conversion not only adds much-needed space but light and energy efficiency as well.

Even the simplest loft conversion with Velux windows can create a light and airy space that you’ll want to spend time in. Improve the insulation and you’ll stop wasting money on heating that simply disappears through your roof. And who knows what incredible views you’ll reveal if you add a dormer window?

Since your loft conversion saves time and money when compared with any other kind of extension, you’ll ease the pressure on your living space as quickly as possible. No wonder a loft conversion remains the popular and affordable choice when you want to really maximise return on investment. 

Our team can provide a comprehensive service if you are thinking of undertaking a loft conversion at your property, including full in-house architectural and design services and support on planning and structural services. Why not call us today to arrange your free initial consultation with a member of the design team.  


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