May 05, 2019


Will I need planning permission for my home improvements?

If the thought of getting planning permission is putting you off that loft conversion or extension, think again. Plenty of home improvement projects fall under permitted development rules, so you can go ahead without going through the often time-consuming process of applying for planning permission.
What is permitted development?
Under the rules, a detached property can be extended by 8 metres for a single storey extension and 6 metres if you live in a semi-detached or terraced property. A double storey extension can’t exceed the height of the existing property and can extend 3m from the rear wall, provided that the planned extension is at least 7m from the boundary.
You can’t cover more than 50% of your outdoor space with an extension, but past limitations on the volume of space added have now been lifted. That means you can add an extension and a loft conversion that adds up to 50m³ in a detached house, or 40m³ in any other residential property.
What can I do without needing planning permission?
There are a range of improvements and extensions that can be carried out under permitted development. These include a loft conversion, extending the rear of your home, adding a porch, adding a single storey side extension and adding a range of outbuildings, provided that they don’t cover 50% or more of your garden.
However, you will need planning permission for any raised platforms, verandas and balconies. And if you’re planning any work on a listed building or a period property in a conservation area you’ll need to check the planning portal.
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